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Helping regulators stay up to date

With so much news content published every day - over 3 million blog posts alone - it is hard to stay up to date with what is happening in an industry. Traditional means of presenting the news don't help analysts stay ahead of what's trending. Our platform helps analysts and researchers find news that is algorithmically tailored to their needs.

Find news you wouldn't have found otherwise, faster.




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RegTech Startup


A research engine that predicts which news articles a specific user should read.


Cutting edge Natural Language Processing relevancy and clustering techniques.


Financial Regulatory Analysts, Machine Learning Specialists, Information Architects


To keep track of industries in constant evolution.


We must think things not words, or at least we must constantly translate our words into the facts for which they stand, if we are to keep to the real and the true.
— Oliver Wendell Holmes Jr.


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